Prof. Dr. Martin Kleinsteuber


Phone: +49-89-289-23619
Room: Z944

Research Interests

  • Blind Signal Separation and Robust Dimensionality Reduction, in particular for image- and audiodata analysis.
  • Methods for Data Reconstruction, in particular Dictionary Learning, Compressive Sensing, and Matrix Completion algorithms.
  • Non-convex Optimization, in particular the development and analysis of optimization methods with smooth constraints.

Editorial Activities

Most relevant publications

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R. Gribonval, R. Jenatton, F. Bach, M. Kleinsteuber, and M. Seibert
Sample Complexity of Dictionary Learning and other Matrix Factorizations
IEEE Trans. on Information Theory, doi: 10.1109/TIT.2015.2424238, (2015).
Preprint: [arXiv] Citation: [bibTeX]

M. Kiechle, T. Habigt, S. Hawe, and M. Kleinsteuber
A Bimodal Co-Sparse Analysis Model for Image Processing
Int. Journal of Computer Vision, doi 10.1007/s11263-014-0786-5, (2014).
Preprint: [arXiv] Citation: [bibTeX] Code: [.zip]

M. Kleinsteuber and H. Shen
Uniqueness Analysis of Non-Unitary Matrix Joint Diagonalization
IEEE Trans. on Signal Processing 61(7) 1786-1796, (2013).
Preprint: [PDF], Citation: [BibTeX]

S. Hawe, M. Kleinsteuber, and K. Diepold
Analysis Operator Learning and Its Application to Image Reconstruction
IEEE Trans. on Image Processing 22(6) 2138-2150, (2013).
[Preprint] [Code] [Project Page] 

M. Kleinsteuber
A sort-Jacobi algorithm for semisimple Lie algebras
Linear Algebra Appl. 430(1) 155-173, (2009)
Citation: [bibTeX] Preprint: [PDF]

H. Shen, M. Kleinsteuber and K. Hüper
Local Convergence Analysis of FastICA and Related Algorithms
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks 19(6) 1022-1032, (2008)
Citation: [bibTeX] Preprint: [PDF]